Cogs of the Clock Maker
your work is really good :3 I really like it

Haaa, thanks..

Why are you depressed

… I’m turning off anon’s after this.

But, I suffer from clinical/chronic depression. It’s a part of my biology and mental health. It drains me out and sometimes I lack energy to do anything but doodle.

Please don’t push me or beg me for updates, I’m a struggling college kid with a job and a big family that has a lot to keep track of. I’ll get to things when I get to ‘em.

what keeps you motivated

… not being depressed and worn out.

sorry i meant what day will you make post when your arm is um how to say it fix

I dunno—whenever I get motivation and energy to do so.

how the arm and plus what day can you think the day you can make work

… fine.

Also, what?

when are you going to make more time tuner post

When I get energy back.

Hey! I'm a huge fan of yours! Will we ever see the real General Derpy, and on a scale of one to ten, how awesome is Sparkler Whooves?

Yes. 8.5.

What did doctor whooves mean by "me too" on the last update. im confused bout that Does he like love or care for her is that it i stink at understanding :c

He was implying, that like turner, he has feelings for a Derpy—his Derpy. Turner’s feelings for the General are what the Doctor feels for his companion.

DEMN IT!!! I love your art! =3

Thank you!

I know it's two questions in 24 hours, but I'm always looking for new art programs to try out and I was just wondering what program you use?

I jump between Fire Alpaca, Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop and Illustrator.